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Consider the following:

  • A poorly designed interface.
  • Inefficient translation of product documentation.
  • Localisation without cultural adaptation.

It takes years of work in R&D to create new technology and it takes vast amounts of effort to create a new product on the back of this new technology. And yet, it only takes one of the points mentioned above to render it useless. As a user of new technologies, have you ever wondered why and how things could go so wrong?

We have all been there one way or another. So, it is a great pleasure to announce the arrival of a new service that is now available to anyone responsible for generating technical content, creating internationalised documentation for a worldwide audience, or generally providing quality assurance. Welcome to techniQA.

techniQA was initially the brainchild of two accomplished technical translators, Sakis Serafeim and Yannis Evangelou — now being carried forward by the former only. Our stylised name implies our vision of what “technical” is about: “téchnī”, meaning “art” in Greek, and QA for “Quality Assurance”. In other words, we are offering the linguistic “art of QA” to the world of technical writing, translation and localisation. Our services are designed to take the hassle and worries out of the mind of any company or professional working in the field of technical documentation. In order to make optimal use of automation, we also develop and offer QA tools for technical texts, so that consistency can be easily maintained and glitches can be confidently avoided.

Clients reward wisdom. If you’d rather be “wiser” without being “sadder” in the process, add techniQA to your linguistic toolbox today – and let the rewards come to you.


Sakis Serafeim

sakis photo

Sakis Serafeim is an aeronautical engineer with more than twelve years of experience in the field, having worked as an Air Engines Squadron Chief, Aircraft Accident Investigator, Wing QC Dept. Director, Aircraft Program Manager, and QA Manager. He has been translating highly specialised texts since 1996 and he has been teaching the course on Technical & Scientific Translation at the Metafrasi School of Translation Studies since 2009. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Quality Assurance.